Advertising in Internet with Google Adwords

The greatest problem of advertising on traditional supports (radio, press, TV, billboards, mailings, buses, etc..) lies in the inability to calibrate in detail the success of our advertising campaign, which is in itself already a failure because we do not know if our investment is effective, or rather, that the particular portion of our investment that is reporting income.

This is what is referred to as ROI , or Return on Investment . In other words it comes to level of income obtained through our campaign and in relation to the investment realized.

Until internet expansion, to calculate the ROI of our campaigns was a very expensive endeavour (in fact it was disposed of by the small and medium advertisers) and on most occasions it was impossible to determine with precision.

We’ve all read advertisements for ‘advertising on our environment, your message will reach X persons «. But none was capable of answering some basic issues such as their age, sex, place of residence … much less the truly fundamental question, «what has been the benefit obtained after launching the campaign?»

However nowadays, Google (undisputed number one internet search engine), may know who is looking for our products and services. Following here, developed the application Google AdWords that helps us attract new customers offering advertisers detailed statistical results, so we can check at any time the behaviour of our campaign.

These are some of the advantages of Google AdWords compared to traditional advertising:

  1. Profitability: only pay when someone clicks on your ad
  2. Segmentation: define language, geographical area (country, city even postal district) and time (days and hours segment) so that only those interested in your product see your ad
  3. Controlled Investment: it sets and adjusts at all times both the maximum daily expenditure as the maximum cost per click
  4. Quick execution: the campaigns are created and modified quickly
  5. Total Control: being able to change and temporarily disable any of your campaigns and ads
  6. Results versus «spending»: you get new customers and sales from a very low investment
  7. Demographics: in some cases you can define even gender and age of the user who will see your ad
  8. Channel Posted: Choose between Google search, search engine network partners and / or network content (websites and media that support internationally successful AdWords advertising)
  9. Predictable results in advance: prepare estimates before launching your campaign to maximize success

Domino Internet offers the following related services Google AdWords:

  • Added in Google Analytics
  • Adds your business in Google Directory
  • Adds your business in Google Maps
  • Added in Google AdWords
  • Service Configuration
  • Study of keywords
  • Estimated cost per word
  • Pre-launch Analysis
  • Recommendations

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