Our Web Hosting Network

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In Domino Internet we have our own web hosting servers in one of the world’s leading companies within the hosting industry. This allows us to offer our customers, professional, fast and stable web hosting services with the best quality/price ratio anywhere.

The network of Domino Internet S.L. is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding web projects.

Our servers are housed in one of the world’s leading datacenter based entirely on technology by Cisco.

99% Guaranteed
Our servers have a performance guarantee of 99%
Sessions for server maintenance are excluded from engagement. These sessions usually last no more than a few minutes and are usually performed at dawn.

From the datacenter based in the U.S., we maintain constant connectivity with major backbones and this redundant connectivity ensures that the content hosted on our servers always reach the end user as quickly as possible.

Network Providers
This datacenter among others, has the following provider’s access to these websites:

  • AT&T (OC-12)
  • Qwest Communications International (OC-12)
  • Sprint (OC-12)
  • Time Warner Telecom (OC-3) [Nasdaq: TWTC]
  • UUNET (DS-3)

BGP4 Routing
To ensure the best routing of data, the network uses the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) and is entirely powered by Cisco GSR routers 1200 with HSRP (N+1 hot failover) to ensure that data is routed even in the event that one of the routers fails.

Warranty Data Delivery
This datacenter with Domino Internet operates in the U.S. has not only connectivity contracts with major backbones but has also signed with them Agreements on Service Level Agreements (SLAs, Service Level Agreements)for which we are guaranteed that data will come out of datacenter always at its highest speed.

Bandwidth Usage
Domino Internet has a much larger bandwidth which it sells to its customers, so that it can absorb potential peak usage occurring even above the limits that the clients have hired with us.

This ensures that your web pages can still be seen (we do not cut the service) if you need a higher flow rate at a given time.

Physical Security
Access to servers within the datacenter is restricted to the third level technicians and consequently bans all the public.
To access the different floors of the building it is necessary to carry the appropriate pass type «military code» while the plant housing the server is further protected with an access with Biometric hand scanner.

Constant Power
To ensure that servers will work uninterruptedly, they are fed through UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) systems that maintain electrical fluid reaching the servers constant.
In the case of a possible power problem throughout the building, it has a generator which generates electrical power through its powerful diesel engine.
This system is regularly tested to have the full assurance that it will jump any problem if an emergency occurs.

Precision System
The servers are meticulously sorted.
All rooms’ air is filtered every 90 seconds to remove dust and any contaminants.
The ventilation system, heating and air conditioning (HVAC Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is N +1 redundant to ensure that in the event of a complete system failure, a complete duplicate of the same available for usage.
It also features a next-generation sprinkler system.
The cabling from servers to routers is duplicated so that if the case they are cut or burned in an accident, the data would come out by second routers arranged on the other side of the building.

We offer several services, from server configurations designed to advanced architectures, cheap web hosting professional services, which include everything you need to publish a complex page or CMS: Large disk space, FTP access, support HTML, ASP.NET, PHP, JS, Flash, ActionScript, CSS2, CSS3, etc. MySQL databases, Email protected, Antispam-Antivirus mail, webmail. It is ideal for hosting a corporate website, company or any page with a high transfer. Hosting Windows and Linux.

Our hosting packages are integrated with a control panel (cPanel) which allows you to have direct control over the web hosting. This control panel is accessible through any Internet browser, from any computer.

También puedes optar por tu propio servidor virtual dentro de nuestros planes VPS (Virtual Private Servers).

You can also choose your own virtual server within our plans VPS (Virtual Private Servers).

Services CDN (Content Distribution Network).

Purchase and management of domain names.
In fact, everyone who comes to us will assess the difference that comes with 10 years’ experience, an obsession with doing things well and an unwavering commitment to you and your business.