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Few things are worse in this world of internet than being considered a Spammer!

And unfortunately it is quite easy for our emails being tagged as spam. As you need to be add more than 10 email accounts as blind copy or Bcc and more likely that your headaches increase from that time and your emails will no longer reach many of your clients but you have no information ?

To avoid this problem (much more common than we people think) we have released an app for sending mass mailings that avoids this situation because it meets the most demanding standard in the market.

Besides making sure your emails reach their destination, now you know how many they have read them and from what cities!

It is therefore a complete secure tool for digital marketing.

New system for sending mass emails

Domino Internet | Newsletter App

We are pleased to inform you of the launch of our tool for sending Newsletters, or mass emails for email marketing.

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Have your emails reached their destination?

 Now you can avoid being considered as SPAM

Advertising through email to several people assumes that your domain can be blocked as «spammer«. This risk increases few more you include in your e-mail.

To avoid this situation, our current server blocks from sending any mass emails .

To send mass emails correctly we have installed a magnificent professional tool that get your emails reach their destination.
We present the Domino Internet – Newsletter App.


Estadísticas al detalle de todos tu envíos

Among many other benefits, you will have your user lists well organized, you will have many templates as you need, you can send your campaigns in multiple languages … and that’s just the beginning!

But mostly, the big difference is that our Newsletter App is responsible for monitoring every shipment you make, so you’ll have at a glance how much data they have received and how many have opened your mail … and even from what city they have done so!

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LAUNCHING OFFER: we give you now, we import your lists and create your free template and your first campaign!

Increase your audience

Haz que tu audiencia crezca... incluso desde tu página web!

From the moment on, you will be able to import as many lists as you need : customers, providers distributors and others. You can even import them from a file automatically.

If you want to get further we can automatically link the content of your blog or online store and even settle a subscription module to your Newsletter on your Facebook page!

Users always at hand

Los perfiles de usuario más completos!

Ups and downs. Emails delivered, read or returned. All automatically managed by our application at a glance and that you have complete control of your subscribers and lists to which they belong.

Even with pictures and geo-location in the tabs of users to have up to date information always!

Personalize your templates

Diseña facilmente tantas plantillas como necesites!

You can use the tool that comes in the application and create your own designs from scratch or choose from a lot of models and modify templates in whatever way you want to make it adaptable to the corporate image of your company.

If you prefer, we can help you create your custom templates!

Campaigns for all

Tus campañas se adaptarán a todos los sistemas de correo... incluidos los smartphone y tablets!

The system considers every sending mass email as a «campaign».

Creating a campaign is easy. You just have to follow the instruction that makes it easier with our tool.

For example, creating this campaign has taken a few minutes … cool, right?

All your users can view your emails correctly regardless of the mail program you use … and that includes smartphones and tablets as well!

Monitoring and success

Estadísticas e incluso geolacalización!

Our Newsletter App archive each campaign independently, allowing you to make a thorough monitoring of each of them.

At a glance handy amenities of both a graphical data from your campaign as a map showing the location of each of your readers!

Before you were sending emails «blindly» … Now you will head campaigns with success!


Bueno, bonito... y productivo! ;o)

The price is based on pay per campaign or a scaling of shipments per month.

From only € 7.50 / year or 12 € / month.

For further information contact us.

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And we give you now, we import your lists and create your free template and your first campaign!


Remember for safety, the new server is currently blocking any attempt to send spam. If you need to send email to mailing lists, please contact us to help you find the best solution.