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System of Facebook Apps of Domino Internet

Offer coupons, make contests, conduct surveys, create promotions … and even sell products from your Facebook page!

This fantastic Digital Marketing platform will be your best differential value in a competitive market like this.

An example? Look at this example of a client of ours:http://a.pgtb.me/lbqtnf

Increase community Fans

 Now you can prevent your emails being considered as SPAM

Nowadays companies must work on Digital Marketing to reach the user.

Some companies and «celebrities» have put all their marketing strategy in social networks and more specifically Facebook .

With our tool, your company will expand its community of fans so that your message will reach more and more potential customers.
We present theDomino Internet – Facebook Apps.

Converts fans into customers

 Converts fans into customers

Thanks to our system, you can finally get a return on your investment in social media.

Customizes a page for you to visit for the first time and another for your regular fans.

Launches different promotions, offers coupons that engage the user to, allow sharing and them viral campaigns!

Codeless. Simple to use.

And especially with the simplicity of the interface, you hit the simplest user market.

From our easy control panel, and following the steps indicated in the web, you can create as many as you like Facebook applications without writing any single line of code.
Put another way: it changes your Facebook page with our system which is a foolproof!

Are you a developer? Easy, the app also has an option that can use your own code parameter … Can you ask for more?

Design. Adaptability. Interaction.

Escoge entre más de 70 plantillas y 60 temas

Choose with one click from over 70 templates and 60 topics.
Need a custom design? You can also modify the template with your own CSS.

The security of your Facebook application will be compatible for any system, screen size and device , including smartphones and tablets.

Incorporates the contents from any other social network to promote your viral, generating buzz (noise) to increase your fan community.

Increase your sales, thanks to Facebook

Herramienta profesional = más ventas

The great quality of our system of Facebook Apps even lets you display your website within your Facebook page.

You can also createmicro-sites for specific projects and punctual marketing campaigns.

Include coupons, sweepstakes and surveys.

Interacts with your fans and observe as your sales increase.

And besides it is FREE!


Finally, the best news of all.
This service is free for all of our clients .
For more information contact us.

Request your high already!

To benefit from this promotion you must have hosted with us on a VPS domain and a Facebook page with less than 2,500 fans. If you do not meet these conditions, do not worry because we have a very special offer for you.