Cloud VPS Hosting

VPS Cloud Hosting is the best hosting solution in the Cloud

Our Virtual Private Servers Hosting in the Cloud (Cloud VPS Hosting) is the most recommended option for your web hosting . Also support up to 10 domains so you need not hire several accommodations. Connected to grid allows you to have the independence of hosting with your own IP space and also with the advantage of the ability to use other machines when you have a peak demand.

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Privacy: Your VPS just sends you

You have total control of virtual machine , so you can install all the programs and applications you want. Therefore Virtual VPS Servers are especially recommended for design firms and programming experts.

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Power: No one shall consume your resources

With your Virtual Server VPS , you can use exclusively from the resources of a machine , so you will gain in performance. No user may consume the resources of your VPS.

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Security: Operation without interfering with other VPS

Each VPS has a reserved storage capacity usage, RAM and processor, has its own system configuration, applications, libraries, control panel, etc.. And it is that each Virtual Server completely separated from the other virtual servers .



Enjoy maximum control of your Virtual Private Server by Parallels ® Virtuozzo Containers Power Panel (VZPP):

Reboot, shutdown and boot your VPS. Even if your VPS is inaccessible.


Monitoring of your VPS resources. It allows you to monitor CPU usage, system disk space.


Backup restore your VPS. It allows you to perform and restore your VPS backup including all system files and user.

VPS Repair. It lets you boot your VPS in «repair» if your VPS doesn’t start in normal mode.


Reinstallation. It allows you to reinstall your VPS from scratch (clean install), either keeping the existing files or deleting them.


SSH integrated client. To connect via SSH to your VPS server.

Your VPS will use the entire processing power of the system. 2 XEON + 32 GB of RAM and at least you can use 1 GB of RAM (*) in the hypothetical case where all other VPS utilizes resources at 100%.