Meet Our Team

[call_to_action title=»Professionals» subtitle=»at the service of your project » button_text=»Contact us» button_url=»» button_color=»green» color=»gray”] We are a multidisciplinary group of people specialized in digital marketing to create websites that produce maximum ROI. [/call_to_action]

In Domino Internet we are a highly segmented and specialized multidisciplinary team in each field of our services, one of our core values is to get together as a highly technical team with specialized equipment in digital marketing and online communication, understanding and communicating at all times.

In this way the contribution to customer value is maximum, given the few companies with these characteristics.

Our highly motivated team, both at the educational and human level, is supported by external specialists (freelance), who have worked with us for several years.

The high specialization in digital marketing and commitment of all of us at Domino Internet, will provide unparalleled value to your project.

We love challenges and every new project is a challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow with the client.

We’ve been creating websites for over 10 years and it is a great satisfaction to have the confidence of many loyal customers continuously who have supported us in this journey from our beginning.

We look forward to provide the same level of effort in all our services to help make your project a success online.

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